Born in 1954 in Lublin. Polish artist, performer, author of installations. Received his diploma in 1979 from the studio of prof. Stefan Gierowski with a supplement from the studio of prof. Roman Owidzki. Co-founder and member of the “Pracownia” [Workshop] creative group. In 1976-79, along with Jerzy Onuch and Łukasz Szajna, he ran Galeria Pracownia [The Workshop Gallery] at the “Dziekanka” Student Centre for the Arts.

He has been a member of the Akademia Ruchu [Academy of Movement] collective since 1979. Later, he became a professor on University of Art in Poznan. Since then Bałdyga constantly has combined visual art and performance.

Since the middle 80’s the artist has been reducing his artistic expression to the simplest elements. He uses simple construction materials like wood, nails, lines, a jar, water or wine to create elementary structures like a line, circle, rectangle or point. The objects coexist with performances, sometimes result from them, release their potential during the action, and sometimes exist in an independent way.

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