Born in 1961, lives and works in Warsaw and London. Sculptor, author of installations, video installations, photography and performative activities. She studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw and as part of the Prohelvetia scholarship at ECAV – Ecole Cantonale d’Art du Valais, Sierre. PhD from the University of Arts in Poznań. In the years 1990-1992, the artist also used the name Zuzanna Baranowska and from 1992 the name Zuzanna Janin.

She deals with the subject of space, time and memory, as well as the problem of exclusion and absence. Creates sculptures, video installations and photographic and performative actions. The main theme of her work is a conceptual approach to the visualization of processes, changes, comparisons, continuity, what’s “in between.“ The Artist transforms the fragments of private memory, emphasizing deep experience of her own and universalized them colliding with collective memory and images of universal history, the contemporary social and political problems.
She is the author of the processual sculptures of wire and cotton candy Sweet Girl, Sweet Boy, Virtual Sex, spatial photographic installation Follow Me. Change Me. It’s Time, 1995-1997 and the famous video installation FIGHT from 2001, which shows the Artist fighting at the ring with a professional boxer. She is the author of the various sculptuers, installations and video-installations including SHAME (Tar and Feathers), 2016 and the series of sculptures from epoxy resin Anthropocene Sculptures from 2014-2020 including Home Transformed into Geometric Solids from 2016-2018, as well as a photo-sculpture project on Facebook and online From the Serie Home Sculptures (rzezbydomowe.blogspot.com).

The artist took part i.e.: in the 3rd Istanbul Biennale ( 1992 ), 9th Sydney Biennale ( 1993 ), Sonsbeek’93 ( 1993 ), 1st Liverpool Biennale ( 1998 ), FOKUS Łódź Biennale ( 2010 ), as well as the 54th Venice Biennale in the presentation of Romania ( 2011 ).

Her works have been presented at video shows and individual exhibitions, incl. in: Kunstverein Salzburg | Zachęta Gallery Warsaw | Center for Contemporary Art Warsaw | Entropia Gallery Wrocław | Foksal Gallery Warsaw | Starmach Gallery Krakow | Art Bunker Krakow | Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw | City Arsenal Galeria Poznań | Kunsthalle Wien | Królikarnia-National Museum Warsaw | National Museum Krakow | lokal_30 gallery Warsaw | Gallery ASAB Bogota-Colombia | Galeria Labirynt Lublin | Gdańsk City Gallery | MAM Museum of Modern Art Rio de Janeiro | MODEM Center for Modern Art Debrecen | BWA Jelenia Góra | Razem Pomoja Foundation Krakow.

The artist took part in group exhibitions and video shows in Poland and abroad, incl. at: Third Eye Center, Glasgow | Ludwig Museum in Aachen | Ludwig Museum Budapest | Martin Gropius Bau Berlin |  Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago | Kunsthalle Bern | Tate Gallery Liverpool | Galeria Zachęta Warsaw | Moderna Musset Stockholm | Jeu de Paume Paris | Hamburger Bahnhof Berlin | Chicago Cultural Center Chicago | Whitechapel London | Bunkier Sztuki | Center for Contemporary Art Warsaw | Municipal Art Center Pierides | Museum of Contemporary Art, Cyprus | Video Center Rio de Janeiro | Entropia Gallery Wrocław | Israel Museum Jerusalem | Hamburger Bahnhof Berlin | Galeria Tretyakowska Moscow | Hoffmann Sammlung Berlin | Kunstmuseum Bern | Casino Luxemburg Forum d’Art Contemporain Luxemburg | lokal_30_warszawa-london Gallery | National Museum Brasilia | Royal Scottish Academy Edinburgh | Museum of Art Łódź | Haifa Museum of Art Haifa | MAK Vienna | Arsenal City Gallery Poznań | Pompidou Metz | Medienturn in Graz |  Musée des Beaux-Arts de Calais | MOCAK Kraków | Art Gallery BWA Olsztyn | Królikarnia – National Museum Warsaw | MOMENTUM Berlin | Thessaloniki Center of Contemporary Art Thessaloniki | Wrocław Contemporary Museum | Morsbroish Museum Leverkusen | Museum of Modern Art Warsaw | Galeria Atlas Łódź | SALM MODERN National Gallery Prague | TOP Tokyo Photographic Museum Tokyo | Tate Exchange Tate Modern London | Japanese Palace Stadlischesammlung Dresden and in many other galleries in the country and the world.

She collaborates with lokal_30 gallery in Warsaw since 2005.

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