Originally, the “Latent city” exhibition was to become the reverse of the “Open city” festival. The events were supposed to correlate, to enter into a dispute, add to, complement and comment on each other. The “Open city” exhibition was primarily designed to focus on the very centre of community life, to step forward into the future, anticipate the barely emerging signs of new worlds. The “Latent city” exhibition on the other hand, immersed in a serene park reality, was to explore the long-lasting, the history-induced reflectiveness, consideration, meditation, to evoke images from the past, uncover subsequent layers of our heritage.

Restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic forced us to modify and downsize our original plans. Consequently, instead of two large festivals, we are offering the artists and residents a single, less spectacular event: “Latent city/Open city” exhibition. Fears related to the pandemic forced us to rearrange the exhibition and open it in a brand new manner. Instead of conspicuous manifestation of the presence of art in public spaces during an opening tour around the streets of Lublin, this year will be marked by a less spectacular series of openings of individual works. The “Latent city/Open city” exhibition will emerge in a number of incarnations, mysteriously and unexpectedly.

Event dates: August 17, 2020 – October 17, 2020. More information is available at the following link.

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