The MACH installation is inspired by Jerzy Bereś sculpture KLASKACZ [polish for clapper]. The artist referred to his works as manifestos. They were located in the city space and were used to express opinions and dissatisfaction with the political system.

The clapper from 1970 is a clapping machine based on folk toys. By moving the lever, we can make three pairs of facing up hands clap rhythmically, which is accompanied by the dull sound of wood hitting wood.

Contextually, it was a critique of totalitarian system. However, taken out of this context, the clapper turns out to be insightful critique of the mechanisms occurring in every political system.

The work also refers to the Lublin traditional dance and the final moment of the stage performances, i.e. applause. Mach is a traditional dance closely related to wedding ceremonies in the Lublin region, a ceremonial dance that ends the dance routine with a shout – “Mach!”

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