The project of Piotr Lutyński ERDEM GÜNDÜZ SQUARE will consist of two parts:

The first one would include the unveiling of a plaque that has been designed to highlight the artistic and political act of Erdem Gündüz. The small gesture by standing man turned into a demonstration of nonviolent resistance against the Turkish government and its repressive policies. The sign in his honor would draw attention to the important figure.

The second part will be based on happening and music action performed by Rdzeń [Core]. The group of artists such as Piotr Lutyński, Marek Kozic, Ewa Libera, Zbigniew Libera, Adam Rzepecki, Grzegorz Kosowski, Fryderyk Lutyński and Andrzej Pietroń will fill the event with trance music full of the elements of jazz and ethno.

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