THE AXIS OF RETURN axis of return 360° is an object based on a deliberate multiplication of a cube. I recalled suprematism figures seen by Kazimierz Malewicz as carriers of metaphysical content. I am building a cube, a block, a pedestal, plinth to arm it with meaning.

Okudzhava’s words state: “the pedestals grow higher; no-one stands on them”. Apart from the political context, they speak about emptiness. I armed my pedestal with my abstract idea of revolving. The full rotation is a circle, and the circle written into a square creates a mandala – the image of the self.

The form of the cross is the result of the most harmonious ordering of the modules of my work – the cube and the wheel. Rotation inevitably leads to an endless cycle of demolition and construction of the meanings summoned by the observer. The context of the Malewicz’s cross is found in a spatial narrative in which the object being placed in the new order continually modifies its status in the progressing process of transformation.

The object is a steel cube measuring 150 x 150 x 150 cm. A three-dimensional, rotating, black cross inscribed in its negative form is attached to the top horizontal plane.

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