„The composition of the photo shows a new extermination, or is it the Extermination still ongoing. A premonition of the inevitable coming and repeating itself; arm gestures, a symbolic well crane: the religious, the fascist, and the protective. Tension in the body of Captain Łupaszka says I kill and I am proud; arrogance in the figure of the priest; in the background the indifference of onlookers. Tourists from Asia know that the smoke they see is the memory of their ancestors. One looks at him with excitement, the other lights a cigarette off the fire of Asian wars with calm and sexual innuendo. A snickering man giving her the light holds the burning number of the  „Lever” magazine in a hospitable gesture. This is a still frame just before death. Everyone is about to die. Detached from the work on the reconstruction of the Captain’s photo, the photographer-prophet in a black robe sees all. He embodies the terror and the anticipation of what is about to happen. Or maybe they will have a bit of luck again and a few will survive?” (c)

Łukasz Chotkowski

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