GRAVESTONE FOR THE 4 A.M. is devoted to the critical moment in the circadian rhythm in humans. It has been scientifically proven that at 4 o’clock in the morning the human immune system is the most vulnerable, body temperature the lowest and the spirit the most susceptible to despondency.

At this hour, all individuals suffering from insomnia keep vigil. Statistically, the largest number of suicides are committed at 4 a.m. The form of a monument might evoke associations with a tombstone, yet it primarily makes references to the shape of a bed in which someone cannot sleep.

The situation of early morning awakening and loneliness is transferred from the private area where it usually takes place, into the public space. There, the monument also reveals its second dimension and scale – not only does it serve as a bed, but it is also a building, a tram depot shown the moment before the night fades away; then the morning will come and trams will set off to the city streets, giving a sign that another day has come.

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