HOME is a very intimate project, transferred from the personal to public space. It was made for a seemingly unknown purpose. Since it is possible to sit down on it, it may bring associations with urban furniture, and not equivocally with a work of art. On a plinth depicting plans of two houses built in the same place in 1920s and subsequently in 1950s, there lies a sphere made of transparent resin with waste from a demolished house, finish residues and old bricks melted into its texture. It is a house-atelier of the artist or rather two artists, Zuzanna and her mother Maria Anto, recalled with tangible remains.

A modernist house destroyed in Warsaw therefore re-appears in Lublin, transformed into a geometric body. Modernism witnessing historical transformations in the 20th century becomes the remnant of architectural changes. For the artist, the figure of a house is on the one hand the place of rooting and growing up in the atmosphere of an atelier, yet also a place significantly lost, isolated, whereas the incorporated sphere is a capsule of lost time and people, as well as events that are gone forever. An abstract geometric body believed to be a perfect and at the same time highly capacious shape, contains tangible relics of time and space that can never be revisited.

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